From Dust and Cobwebs

gothic_library_by_c17508-d38dsesblogSo I’ve left you with the wolves for a bit. You were perfectly safe. Don’t look at me like that. A queen has duties other than the pleasant spinning of tales. These people, my court, they have to eat. You’ve no idea of their appetites…

Here is something you may find interesting. Do you recall the Prince’s deputy from the tale called Red? Gideon Crowe, was his name (and we’ll discuss the Prince more thoroughly later – I assure you he’s nothing like that miserable story thief). Yes, the man who hunted down our little red wraith and got poor Inspector Fox into such trouble. Well, I’ve been digging in the old library, and I’ve found some of Mr. Crowe’s papers. His journals, to be precise. I never thought him much of a literary force, but you might amuse yourself with them.