A Bit of Seasonal Promotion

Halloween is approaching, and I shudder to think of any reader being without a fistful of eerie stories to see them through that creepiest of nights.  I want to do my humble bit to provide a shiver or two, and so I offer this promotion of my book, Wilderness: A Collection of Dark Tales, to encourage those in need to fortify themselves against the approaching shadows.

The book is available from Amazon, in paperback for those who like to clutch and rattle pages, and as an e-book for Kindle for those who prefer to bask in the ghostly glow of the screen.  Here are some readers’ thoughts on the book (these reviews are clipped from my Amazon page):


5.0 out of 5 stars    Taking a walk with witches, a vampire, and the Devil himself!, May 27, 2012

By Dan McGaffin

If you enjoy dark tales or stories with a twist that you didn’t see coming, this is the collection for you. I really enjoyed these 20 short stories and argued with myself whether I wished some of them wouldn’t end or whether they would be just a tad shorter so I could see how they would end. I love this book and hope that there will be more to follow.


5.0 out of 5 stars    Be prepared to be bewitched, July 21, 2012

By David Mckeever

Whether it is a tale of a masked ball on Halloween, in which party revelers are seduced by the night, the place, and each other – or whether it is a tale of a stroll around town by the Devil, in which he observes townspeople doing his work while he looks for new recruits, these imaginative and varied stories quickly set a scene and draw the reader into a world that is so deliciously outlined and so compelling that you never want to leave. Very engaging and eminently worthy of several rereads.


5.0 out of 5 stars    Perfect night time reading, July 8, 2012

By Renee Tennis-Mckinley “rtmck56” (Ft. Wayne, In)

This is a magical trip into the shadowy corners of the imagination. Each scene carefully brushed with wonderful detail that draws the reader into the setting likes moths to a flame.

5.0 out of 5 stars    Like a sweet offered by a crooked finger in a shadowy cottage door., September 14, 2012

By Cameron D. Garriepy

Elizabeth’s writing is lush and rich, dreamy and threatening all at once, like a sweet offered by a crooked finger in a shadowy cottage door. These stories are wonderfully atmospheric, with themes and threads of the wickedness which walks the world woven throughout and the good which just sometimes manages to push it back.

My one complaint?  They were too short! I want to lose myself in her narratives.

My favorite story by far is the finale. “Rumpledsilkskin” is a masterwork of fairytale imagery and style: subtle, scary, and gorgeous.


Thank you to my readers for taking the time to post reviews. 

Have a Happy Halloween, everybody! 




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  1. Elizabeth, great to hear your voice again! I love the book, downloaded it a while ago to my iPad – I am so glad to hear that it is doing well and you are getting great reviews. Your post reminds me that i need to post a review 🙂

    1. Hi, Lynn! It’s great to hear your voice, too. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I hope to post to the blog a bit more, and visit others, as we get into the cold weather season. I miss everybody!

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