Which Hat Am I Wearing Now?

I’m a fiction writer.  I swear I am.  Yet, for the last several weeks I’ve been venturing into other territory in order to promote my newly released book.  I’ve been a photographer, a film maker, a director/producer, a reporter, a sales rep, and a shameless schmoozer with a fistful of business cards.  I’ve dabbled in graphic design.  I’ve exercised mathematical zeal and social derring-do.  I’ve been a carnival barker for the electrifying, death defying storytelling of a harried fiction writer on the high wire of self-promotion.

After the rumpus, I’m exhausted but proceeding in a happy muddle.  Surely, there will be rewards for all this hat-swapping abandon.  Will my newly minted title rise above the indie publishing fray and sail to (even a moderate) success?  Or will my occupational contortions be in vain?  The question is, to me, a cliffhanger of epic proportion.  While we wait to learn the fate of Wilderness: A Collection of Dark Tales, we can at least entertain ourselves by viewing one of the products of my labors – a book trailer comprising photographs taken in the nearby forest that has so inspired me.  To take a peek, follow this link http://youtu.be/ImvYdxtXOG0.  Share it around if you will, and help me find the space to put on my writing cap once again.

Questions about me or my book?  Give me a shout at elizayon1@yahoo.com


20 thoughts on “Which Hat Am I Wearing Now?

  1. The music in the trailer was absolutely haunting. Well chosen! And I love a good magical story in the woods with a dark twist. In fact, as a reader, I need that dark twist to fully enjoy it!!! I’m hooked.

    1. Thanks, Jesterqueen! The music is a clip called Halloween Mood that I got on AudioJungle – I loved it. I, too, am a fan of the dark twist. I love it when a perfectly nice tale suddenly goes dark; the shock is delicious!

  2. Fab trailer, Elizabeth: I do hope the hard graft pays off. I’d add that Twitter is a great way of reaching a lot of people with a ‘soundbite’ – a teaser – you just become a follower trollop and follow EVERYONE 😀 It’s my favoured social networking medium because I can learn something interesting every time I check in. It takes getting used to but I think it’s cool.

    Interesting snippet: Phil came home with a free handout from Waterloo station the other day. it was the first chapter of a book, bound like a book so that people wouldn’t ditch it, with details of where to get the whole thing. It struck me as a fabulous idea for marketing.

    1. Thanks, Kate! I am considering at least giving Twitter a try. The whole social media phenomenon is fun, often informative, but exhausting. We need a longer day!

      The bound chapter handout is a GREAT idea! Hmmm…

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