A Blip On The Flatline

Well, it’s been a while since I was here, and it feels like forever.  Writing stories for this blog has been a wonderful creative outlet, and I’ve met some wonderful people doing it.  So, where have I been?  Have I been slacking off, lying on the couch with a mouthful of potato chips and my thumb spasming on the remote?  No, no, my friends.  I have been working.

Writing, to be precise.  Stories.  Dark little faerie tales and ghostly bits.  I’ve been grooming over some of the stories already posted on this blog and writing new ones as I work on a collection of shorts that I plan to self-publish.  In true entrepreneurial spirit, I’m going DIY.  Here’s why:

I Fear I May Die Before I Find An Agent.  Yes, I do.  I’ve officially entered middle age, and I’d like to see my work in print before the Golden Years ensue.  This doesn’t mean that I will give up on my search, but it will be my novel that (hopefully) partakes of that joyous union.  And if not, I guess I’ll be ready to roll up my sleeves and get it done myself, once again.

I’m Testing The Water.  There are sharks out there, you know. Man-eaters.  I’m going to toss this story collection out there and listen carefully to hear if anyone shouts, “You’re going to need a bigger talent!”  Call it an experiment, or an apprenticeship, or cowardice – someone’s got to get in the water first, and this raft of characters is willing.  Besides, I could use a current publication credit, and this certainly qualifies.

I Want To Share The Fun.  Deep in the dark recesses of my writer’s heart, I believe in these stories.  I can always improve, always grow, but these tales have something that appeals to me.  They were great fun to write, and I sort of get a kick out of reading them.  I’d like for others to have fun with them, too.  To enjoy them.  That’s the greatest reward, after all.  Readership.  It’s a magical word.

I’m Curious.  This is a time of great change and expansion in publication.  In some ways, it’s harder than ever to be noticed, to find representation and a publishing house.  Yet, there are more avenues to publication than ever.  E-books, self-publishing in its many guises, small presses doing big work.  The face of publishing isn’t the one I grew up with, or the one my parents grew up with.  Tomorrow, it may have changed again.  Writers can have unprecedented control of their work and the fruits of their labors.  Are there weak spots in all this?  Absolutely.  But it’s exciting; like a wide open Wild West town, almost anything goes.  I’ve always wanted to be a gunslinger.

So, that’s the project I’ve been working on.  It’s almost finished, and in a week or so, I’ll be submitting my manuscript.  The book should be available this spring.  There are no other details just now, but I’ll keep everyone updated.  You’ve all been so supportive of my work, and I’m very grateful.  It’s given me confidence.


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  1. Very exciting. Onwards, onwards! Good luck. Look forward to reading your stories. I believe in them too.

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