Meet (Some Of) The Collective

I’ve been visiting other bloggers like mad in the last few days, trying to get to know some of my neighbors in the Blogging Collective that was the brainchild of brilliant writer Andra Watkins (read her at The Accidental Cootchie Mama).  The idea is that if we band together and help to promote one another’s efforts, we will all get the thing that, as bloggers, we most want:  more readers.  And it works!  The blogosphere is a huge uncharted territory that is easy to get lost in as you search for a good read, and readers seem to appreciate a friendly pointer now and then.

Because I write mostly fiction (which takes me days and weeks to complete) and because I’m erratic about keeping to my blog schedule, I don’t always have regular posts.  So, I am not as up-to-the-minute in my promotion duties as I could be.  To make up for my lack of regular presence, I wanted to give a shout out to some of the great bloggers I’ve found through the Collective (in one fell swoop, so to speak) , and let you readers know about them.  Each and every one is a worthy stop in your perambulations of the blogosphere.

For lovely poetry and photos, try Adeeyoyo.  If you are a writer yourself, and enjoy a challenge to your powers of creativity, try View From The Side.  You like humor, you say?  You can’t go wrong with Aquatom or the howling good time at The Ramblings.  For great reads with stylish voices, try Surface Nuisance and Pseu1’s Blog.   Love music?  Not just any music, but gorgeous original compositions coupled with equally gorgeous video clips?  Go directly to Composer In The Garden, and be transported.

And the blogs that got me started on this fantastic voyage of reading and writing?  Kate Shrewsday’s blog blends family life, history, travel, and great talent.  The aforementioned Andra Watkins writes with passion and brilliance at The Accidental Cootchie Mama (see link above).  Earlybird causes swoons with her descriptions of France, growling stomachs with her luscious recipes, and then tops it all off with stunning fiction.  A Renaissance blogger, she is, at mangetout and other stories.  And the humor and sass of the ladies of RVing, Roxanne and Annie, is a welcome interlude in any day.  Check them out at The Good Luck Duck.

Well, you’ve got your map, and it’s a small sampling of all the fabulous reading available, I know.  But since every journey has to have a starting point, and since the way a journey starts out reflects on the whole, you can’t do better than begin with these fine blogs.


All the blogs mentioned are also listed in my Blogroll.  Those lists, found in nearly every blog, are full of even more great ideas for your journey.  Enjoy!





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  1. Thanks Elizabeth! *blushes* (not least because I’ve been a bad, bad, collective member too)

    I’m blaming this Nanowrimo – can’t seem to find enough time to do everything this month. 🙂

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