Shade Garden Sonnet IV

Dicentra strings on whisker-fine

tethers blood-ripe heart balloons,

deliquescent puffs carmine

and dripping – lush, pendant blooms

whose elegance makes rough their name:

Bleeding Hearts, as though torn

by unrequited love, and chained

together in distress.  They’re borne

aloft in festive mummer’s dress

to dance in every waggish breeze,

tempting passers-by to press

to their own breasts hearts at ease.

Frolicsome dicentra  sports

her flirty charms…and courts.



2 thoughts on “Shade Garden Sonnet IV

  1. It’s a wonderful set of sonnets. I love the form so much: it has a structured elegance and rhythm. And I adore gardens. You are quite a plantswoman!

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