The Softer Hours

Last night, I lay in the steamy embrace of the clawfooted bath like one suspended in a dream.  The candles reflected in the foggy, gilt-framed mirror were dreamy, too, their flames lazily snake-dancing to the elemental rhythm of their melting worlds.  Outside in the nearly moonless dark, the wind battled in the eaves, and the house moaned in its sleep, stretched against the stones binding it to the earth, shrugged its bones. 

I heard: the creek rushing on its clandestine errands, the wild geese winging against the clouds, the deer huffing alarm in the locust grove, the barefoot patter of the opossum on the porch tiles, the owl opening her golden eyes, the night sliding against the side of the house like a lover. 

All this is mine, what my senses can catch, what I can feel and commune with, what I can know with my skin and my breath.  All this builds worlds, births people, unleashes monsters, summons angels.  All this is poetry and the magic of fine spun tales.  From the lavender-scented water of my bath, I invoke the muse, and rise sheathed in golden light, and call for pen and paper.  She is coming now on the moody wind…she is coming in her dark halo to tap at the window…she is here.


4 thoughts on “The Softer Hours

  1. Elizabeth,

    OMG! I had a bathtub like that when I was a small lad living in Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania USA! I loved that tub! I was much smaller then and could stretch out in it completely. I’d fill it up and could literally float my cares away. I’d often stay in there until my skin wrinkled. Good memories. That’s a nice, high-resolution image of the tub you have there.

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    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

    1. In my first apartment, there was an enormous cast iron claw footed tub that I could barely see over the lip of when bathing. That was a really great bath! Although it took gallons and gallons to fill, and it was always cold on the bottom (mine and the tub’s, lol). The bathroom had that old B&W honeycomb tile on the floor, too. It was great. They are wonderful places for dreaming, those big old tubs.

      Now, for your wonderful advice: do you know I can’t understand a word you say? Ok, that’s not entirely true. I get your meaning, but don’t really know what to do with it. Remember, I’m tech-stupified. You’re so dear to talk to me like I understand! It’s very flattering. I don’t mean to be vexing, but I’m on the slow track here. I’ll keep trying!

    1. It has its magic, is lovely on a bad day and glorious on a good one. I often take it for granted, or even rail against it (very rural and rather dull socially at times), but we are a part of one another. Rather like a marriage, in some ways!

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