Spring turns the year’s heavy wheel.

Blossoms speak to the air.

The first thin bees rouse from winter’s spell,

As Beauty from her briar-girt bed,

To scuffle tigerishly in the crocus cups.

Beneath the boggy lawn, water sprints

In audible exuberance, eager to be moving,

Rushing for the bottom land

Where the willows and the black haws wade.

The earth is opening to the rains, to the returning

Love of the Sun, stroked into green ecstasy.

And we are close as twins now, my blood beats with hers,

Rising like the maple sap that drips, drips, into the sugar buckets,

And shoots, a savage fire, to the tough red buds.

The trees burst with being, with ancient green-flaming life.

The door of the Equinox stands ajar.

Spring turns the year’s heavy wheel.

e.yon 2/21/11


10 thoughts on “Flow

  1. Elizabeth,

    Always been a fan of poetry. A very calming process.

    On a side note… I’m considering hosting my own WordPress site. Would be interesting (to me) on many levels. I’d host a WordPress.org rather than a WordPress.com. It would give me freedom from WordPress.com restrictions. Of course… GLDP keeps me busy right now… so I’d have to keep that in mind.

    Also on a side note… How have your Analytics been? And you know… I wouldn’t mind seeing a cluster map on your site. So fun to see where visitors are coming from. Just a thought. 🙂

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA


    1. Your own site! Very cool! As for the other things, you speak strange language, tall man. I don’t (or didn’t) even know about analytics or cluster maps. I went to the links in your comment and attempted to set these things up, but I’m not sure if I was successful. Having trouble with my tracking code for the analytics, and really just muffed it all up. Well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks for clueing me in.

      1. Elizabeth,

        A long time ago I started thinking about the internet and how I always wanted to be a part of it. Not just as a visitor or user, but actually create my own "node" with one of my older spare computers, and really become part of the internet. At the time, the technical information I needed to absorb was mind numbing (no wonder people employ hosts to do all the work). But I was determined. Proudly, I did learn the required information and set-up my own site. Furthermore, I had wanted to do everything for absolutely no money. And I did that too. As time went on, I soon realized I needed to, at least, purchase my own domain name. That wasn’t expensive and I willingly closed the deal. This created brotherjohns.net. Once I had my new domain, I simply had to point it to my old spare computer that sits under my home office desk. And that quick… I was a part of the internet! And instead of paying some "service" a monthly fee, I was hosting my web site myself. For free.

        I created my own blog site, basing it on my experiences with The Adventures of Eydie and Sammy Wight. But I had to hand craft everything. Nothing was "automatic" and everything had to be hand coded. I enjoyed doing that even though it turned out to be rather tedious. I wanted my site be be green (spring time, renewal, peaceful, tranquil, friendly). And I wanted to feature various symbols. I accomplished all that and more, but I’m not so certain it really was a good look. It was what it was to satisfy some inner vision. I also wanted to feature images of ideal goals (kind of like a "Vision Board"). This is also why I wanted powerful symbolism. It all came together and I was very proud of it. And then I got busy at GLDP. Time, time, time. So very little of it I’m afraid. The site went dormant and I haven’t touched it since. A real shame. I even had a "private" section where I played music and worked musically with an old friend from long ago. I featured music from the Coffee House sessions that Siggy attended and recorded for me. It was very cool. But it’s mostly dead now.

        To that end, I’m thinking about simplifying. I’ll download the WordPress.ORG software, and will point my domain to that. I’ll have total freedom to do what I want with none of the WordPress.COM restrictions. But again, I may not really have time for it. Many of my projects simply devolve into technological learning environments.

        As to analytics, getting them set up properly is absolutely essential to drawing in huge numbers of faithful readers. I’ve had a lot of experience with that. You can even track how they find your site. If you learn what people are searching for, you can start to customize the "attractiveness" of your site to those visitors. Adventures had visitors from all over the world! And I’d often suggest to my sister the topics that appeared to be garnering the greatest hits. You can learn a lot about your visitors with good analytics.

        To that end, it is also extremely important to categorize each post. Put in as many tags as seem appropriate. This will be the very thing your visitors will use when searching for information. Tags, categories, these things are called Metadata. Google visits thousands of sites day and night and uses the metadata it finds there to power its search engines.

        I’ve been away from WordPress for a while now, and I think its built in analytic reports have greatly improved. But there are free sites out there that I’ve always used which do a very nice job.

        It does you no good generating great content, if your potential visitor’s can’t find you. Once you have the two working together for you, you’re daily hits will climb and climb.

        Brother John
        Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

        🙂 ~~~Me Speak Fluent Geek~~~ 🙂

      2. I appreciate all your advice and expertise. I’m afraid I’m hopeless, though. I know you are right when you say great content is useless if people don’t know it’s there, but I’m a neophyte at this tech stuff, so it may take me a while to learn. You’e right again whe you say there is never enough time for all our interests. The great tragedy of my life, that lack of time. On the one hand, I wish I had all your knowledge in this area. On the other hand, it’s overwhelming, and I’m happy to let you be the expert.

      3. Oh! Because I didn’t contribute to brotherjohns.net, I also never employed analytics. Both combined failed to generate hits other then the few people who knew about the site. Unlike Adventures.


      4. Elizabeth,

        Tell you what. I’ll offer you the very same service I once offered to Siggy and L. I’m willing to help you in any way providing you realize I can’t always do it "that very minute". Siggy trusted me with his site password enabling me to help him directly. (I don’t remember that password today). I’m not just a programmer for Gift of Life Donor Program, I also work for their Information Technology (IT) department. As such, I have total access to all confidential material including that of our VP’s and CEO as well as the entire Financial Department. You don’t make it this far in my business without earning that kind of  trust. I do take it seriously.

        Having said all that… I only ask you to keep it in mind!

        Brother John
        Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

        One foot in front of the other!
  2. Elizabeth,

    As North nods to its Sun,
    And Day and Night the same,
    12 gather to their circle,
    Each thankful that they came.
    They Stand and face the Center,
    Some in Shadow – Some in Light,
    To See the Great Renewal,
    March toward their Second Sight.

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

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